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my brother and i have a bet running. i said that hawkeye is for a short time in the justice league he said no. it would be great if you could give me some information about it ^^


For a very brief time Hawkeye did indeed join the Justice League, in JLA/Avengers #3. A Multiverse crossing event that at the time was canon for both Marvel and DC.

I covered this in a previous fact here.

Fact #258

Fact #258: A list of (almost) every Staff of One spell used from Runaways:

Freeze: Causes Stacey Yorkes to become immobilized

Freeze: The second time causes pelicans to fly out of the staff

Smoke: Smoke comes out of the staff to help the Runaways escape

Away: Nico teleports away from Alex Wilder

Mud: Mud shoots out of the staff and hits Karolina Dean

Burst: Causes a group of graffiti artists’ spray paint cans to explode

Rock and Roll: Makes an earthquake that caves in the hostel

Waterproof: Makes a waterproof bubble that the Runaways travel in to get to the Pride

Float On: Nico makes the Stein’s float in the air

Dance: Alex uses the staff to unfreeze Nico

Bondage: Alex uses the staff again to shackle Karolina’s parents (off panel)

Bondage: Alex unlocks the secret of using the same spell twice and uses the spell to shackle Karolina

Hands Off: Nico destroys Alex’s Fistigons

Free your minds: An evil witch (Marie LeVeau) casts a spell that turns some of Nico’s new friends against her. This spell cancels this spell.

Wardrobe Malfunction: Changes Marie back from wolf to human

Deflector Shields: Causes Marie’s magical attack to bounce off of Nico

Deconstruct: Nico uses this spell to take apart one of the Wrecking Crew

Flashback: Makes Nico see the last few moments of a future version of Gert’s life.

Rockstars: Flaming rocks fly out of Nico’s staff. But they hit Old Lace instead of Victor Mancha.

You Suck: Causes  Turbo’s wrist turbines to spin in reverse, sucking air in  and causing them to malfunction

Insulation: Temporarily takes away Victor Mancha’s powers

Shine on You Crazy Diamond: Encases Ultron in a diamond

Fumigation: Nico uses this in a battle with Tarantula (off panel)

Fumigation: Nico forgets she already used this spell and it teleports her and Karolina to the outskirts of Los Angeles.

Acid Rain: Makes a cloud of Acid rain that dissolve the security daemons

Old Lace to Old Yeller: Changes Old Lace into a dog

Hellfire: Shoots fire balls at Spider Man

Dreamtime: Puts Spider-Man to sleep

Sunburst: Shoots a beam of light at a Cloak impostor

Detox: Chase Stein uses this to flush the MGH out of the Cloak impostor’s system

Get to Work: Transforms Chase’s “List of things to do when I’m 18” into a wrench

Revelations: When a past version of  Geoffrey Wilder disguises himself as Alex, Nico uses this to change him to his true form.

Shut Up: Knocks Chase out of the way with spiraling energy

Pixies Find the Leak: Nico conjures up Pixies to find out how the Pride have been spying on them.

Forget: Erases Geoffrey Wilder’s memories of what happened

Caffeine Injection: Gives Molly Hayes a boost of energy

Now here comes the sweet talk: Gives Xavin the voice of a monster’s wife to soothe him.

Get Lost: Disorients Kate Bishop

Chill Out: Freezes all of the Runaways and Young Avengers, making them extremely cold

Wake Up: Wakes everyone up when they were knocked unconscious by Noh-Varr

Prodigum Effodio (Excavating Monster in Latin): Creates  a monster created out of a shield that gets the team into the Cube

Be Quiet: Chase uses this spell to silence Nico, making her talk in a whisper

Pretty soon, I’ll just be a bad dream: Knocks Nico unconscious 

Going Down: Phases the Runaways through the roof to escape the Punisher

Crash: Puts the Kingpin’s ninjas to sleep

Open Sesame: Makes bank employees open their vaults

via Comicvine



From: My Circuit Life: 

Oh Myy Mr. Iron Man 

I see this float around a lot, I hate to ruin a good joke, but this panel is fake.


Out of curiosity, do you happen to have the original panel?



Not at the ready, but let me see if I can dig it up…

I’m faster than I thought, it was from Captain America #176

Out of curiosity, do you happen to have the original panel?


Not at the ready, but let me see if I can dig it up…