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This is an image blog dedicated to sharing strange or little known facts about comic books, usually (but not exclusively) about superheroes.
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You have the followers now how about the content? or ask your followers to submit their own?


Followers are always encouraged to submit facts of their own, submissions have always been open. So long as it’s something I haven’t posted before (you’d be surprised how often I get submissions of facts I’ve already covered), and has a source, I’ll probably post it.

Also: updates are coming tonight, and should be regular from then on.



Thanks much! More updates tonight!

I'm very sorry for being rude, I've just always enjoyed your site. I was just making a do you know reference.


No worries, sorry if I was snappy. I’m glad people enjoy the blog enough to want to see more.

More is coming sooner than later, I promise. I’ll try to pump out a few facts tonight after work. :)

Did you know that you haven't updated much?


Kind of a rude way of asking about the blog, but yes I’m aware.

Sometimes posting fun trivia about comics has to take a back seat to real life, I apologise to anyone disappointed in me for that, but updates will return to their regular schedule shortly.

5,000 Followers! Thanks guys.

Hey, idk if anything's going on or anything but you run a great blog and are also probably a pretty quality person. Hold in there, dude.


Daw <3. Much appreciated.

Great Site mate, read every single fact in a day. Keep it up because you've been favourited!


Thank you. Needed that.

my brother and i have a bet running. i said that hawkeye is for a short time in the justice league he said no. it would be great if you could give me some information about it ^^


For a very brief time Hawkeye did indeed join the Justice League, in JLA/Avengers #3. A Multiverse crossing event that at the time was canon for both Marvel and DC.

I covered this in a previous fact here.