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That magical time before a Marvel movie.

Time to exile myself from my usual internet haunts, people seem very driven to try and spoil Guardians for me already. See you all August 1st.

Avengers NOW
Well that’s interesting.

Wolverine is a Mutant

You read that correctly. Wolverine is actually a mutant. Sorry if that spoils 1975’s Giant Size X-Men for anyone. I know most of you were still catching up from when he was a Hulk villain. 


You guys weren’t kidding, Agents of SHIELD gets really good in that last half of the season.

Spoilers? Not really.

Just saw a reblog of someone getting mad at me for a fact spoiling an X-Men comic that came out eight years ago. Not even a self contained story.

The thoughts on how Vision’s costume/body worked often bothered me more than it should.

Super Fact Delayed

I’ll work on it when I’m feeling more up to it… in the mean time, someone call for some Vision?

New Super-Fact Incoming

Sorry for the delay, never done a video-fact before!

So my girlfriend just watched the last episode of Spectacular Spider-Man.

Deadpool needed some WD40 for Cable’s shoulder
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Reblogging appropriate comic facts for Pride!