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500 posts! Kind of felt like more, didn’t it?
The feels.

Always nice when nobody reblogs a typo before I fix it.

More Ultimate Spider-Man.

what are the most concerning offenders?


This question was in response to an answer I had about the Joker’s New 52 looks, where I said:
"Much of New 52’s direction and character designs completely baffle me. The one in your question is one of the least concerning offenders"

Honestly I’m not sure how much I want to dig in to this, I try to keep the blog relatively objective. But I think there are certain opinions that are almost unanimous in the comic community about the New 52.

Cancelling books that are widely successful both critically and financially before they reach their intentional conclusion.

Spurning many of their artists and writers who have quit in droves.

Making their diverse characters LESS diverse.

And of course insane general policy and statements like that -none- of their heroes are married, including a literal King and Queen, though that is just one example of many.

I am not telling my readers not to enjoy DC, or even that they are wrong to enjoy the New 52. Not at all. But I think there have been some extreme missteps in this entire reboot.

You recommended Moonknight can you tell me something about him?Like what is his background what makes him special?


Most people would probably sum him up as “Crazy Batman”, which probably isn’t terribly far from the truth. His main hook I suppose would be that he’s your (mostly) unpowered superhero, but always has four (sometimes more or less) personalities going at once, and he’s the avatar of a sometimes evil sometimes good moon god deity. And Ellis is one of the best writers around, the first issue of the new run did not disapoint.

New Titles

A few new books launched today. I strongly recommend Moon Knight by Warren Ellis and Declan Shalvey.

The book does not require any prior knowledge of the character and is a perfect jumping point.

Why is the Joker in New 52 draw with one blind eye ? (especially by Capullo)


Much of New 52’s direction and character designs completely baffle me. The one in your question is one of the least concerning offenders.

A lot of people are excited for the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, so I thought people would enjoy this handy guide on reading them in the comics. Other guides/recommendations here.